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Here at CoolStart Air Conditioning we can provide you with the perfect air conditioning system for your home – one that will remain cost-effective and also help cut down your carbon footprint. Our systems will do precisely what they are designed to do – keep you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold – and in a supremely efficient manner. The units and systems we provide are elegant and aesthetically pleasing, so they will blend into the existing décor of your home.

The systems we provide are also extremely easy to control, and are sourced from companies whom we know to have excellent reputations. We can provide your home with superb levels of comfort – so much so that you’ll probably wish you’d had one of our systems installed years ago.

"Maintaining a constant temperature promotes good health"

While air conditioning might have become automatically associated with keeping cool, what it actually means is keeping a balanced climate and temperature throughout your home.

This allows you to set a consistent, comfortable temperature all year long, no matter what the weather is doing outside. It also keeps the environment fresh and hygienic.  It’s certainly more effective and beneficial to your health than throwing open a window, and more economical than central heating.

As well as being domestic air conditioning installation experts, we can also provide maintenance and repair services. We recommend that you get your domestic air conditioning system checked over at least twice a year, as this will significantly increase the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. We can also be there for you if your system develops a fault – just give us a call any time, day or night, and we promise to be ‘on site’ to diagnose any emergency problem within four hours.

Heat pump air conditioners are a proven, viable method of heating and cooling a home and offer substantial energy savings resulting in reduced running costs. They also feature advanced air purification technology which is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers. 

Things you should consider before our site survey:

  • Do you own the property or will you need consent from a landlord for the installation?

  • Do you have adequate accessible space for the outdoor unit(s) such as rear wall or roof top with safe access?

  • Will our engineers have access to the areas that interconnecting services & wires would pass through?

  • Are there any issues that would restrict our full access?

Following the site survey we will provide you with a bespoke proposal clearly outlining our recommendations and cost proposal. We will send drawings where necessary along with product literature.


Why Choose CoolStart Air Conditioning for your home air conditioning?

  • Free site survey and competitive pricing

  • We focus on providing a first class quality service – from initial enquiry through to after sales care

  • City & Guilds qualified, F-Gas Certified, and Health & Safety aware team of engineers

  • 96% of our customers say they are very likely or extremely likely to recommend us to others – view some of their recent testimonials!

  • Public liability insurance of up to £5 million

  • Air Conditioning installation experts of all leading air conditioning brands backed by warranties of up to 3 years

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Are you paying too much for your air conditioning?

Let us price your installation or your next service – the best air conditioning just became affordable. 


First class service by CoolStart Air Conditioning

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CoolStart Air Conditioning – The smart choice.

Not just another air conditioning company, we are the smart choice for businesses that need an air conditioning company they can depend on. 



Save money with air conditioning in your home office

And have the perfect temperature all year round. 


You probably thought you couldn’t afford air conditioning at home?

First class air conditioning doesn’t have to be expensive.