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Isn't Air Conditioning very expensive?

Air Conditioning can be installed at a cost that's right for you. Air Conditioning is 3x more economical than electrical heating and 2x more economical than gas, which means Air Conditioning will save you money! Get a quote or book a free site survey to suit your needs. We are Currently running a winter special offer of 10% off all new installs take a look now!

Doesn't Air Conditioning have a bad odour?

No, with regular maintenance every 6 months your air conditioning will not smell.

Does Air Conditioning carry legionnaires disease?

No, Legionnaires' disease is contracted when one inhales small droplets of water in the air that contain the bacteria. Air Conditioning units have a gravity drain or pump that removes any traces of water or condensation from the system. Therefore there is no water stored in the system.

Will Air Conditioning heat my home?

Yes, despite popular opinion, air conditioning is proven to provide cost-effective and energy-efficient heating. In some cases the cooling mode is rarely used, it is used mainly as an excellent heating solution for the home. It will also save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.


Isnt Air Conditioning a big unit that will look ugly in my home?

No, We have many styles of Air Conditioning units to suit both domestic and commercial properties. With new slick designs entering the market we have a wide range for you to choose from that will suit you and your property.

Is Air Conditioning Noisy?

No, in fact it is practically silent. Air Conditioning uses a inverter driven motor to regulate compressor speed so will quickly bring your room to the required temperature almost silently.

Will my utility bills increase?

No, as Air Conditioning will heat or cool your premises using inverter and heat pump technology, meaning it is 3x more efficient as electrical heaters and twice more efficient than natural gas. Subsequently if you are using Air Conditioning to cool and heat your premises it will in fact decrease your utility bills.

How long does it take to install Air Conditioning?

This will depend on your premises. Typically an install should take no longer than 2 days. Our engineers are fast and efficient and cause zero impact on your property.

How often does Air Conditioning need maintenance?

We advise twice annum maintenance visits. consisting one filter clean and one main service.

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